Wendy Patton, MA, NCC, LPC


By the age of 17 I already had a passion for making a difference in people's lives.  Once I graduated high school, I  immediately headed off to college to obtain my Bachelor's in counseling psychology. Not only did I discover how rare it was to know my life's purpose or calling at such a young age, but I also learned that I had a lot of maturation ahead of me before I would be ready to actually wear the mantle of my calling.

During the 20 years between first knowing my vocational purpose and finally realizing the fruition of the educational and clinical training to begin practicing as a licensed professional counselor, my life took more detours than PA drivers have to navigate on Bucks County roads. 

I was a mom, a published author, a recorded musician, speaker, sister and friend. But mostly I was a work in progress. Even with the calling to be a counselor known at a young age, I would need the years of hard knocks, detours and life lessons to equip me with the compassion and empathy required to be present for, and come along side, those who are under duress and in distress. It is truly the cracks in each of us that the light emanates from. 

For more than a dozen years now I have had the privilege of licensed clinical practice. Nothing I learned, even in my grueling Master's program, prepared me for that first real session with a client. Time with each client is sacred ground. It is my goal to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment conducive to positive change for each client.

Out West, I've worked with our military Veterans through the VA, worked with young people on the spectrum who have ADD/dyslexia(s) at an agency, while simultaneously building a private practice and leading domestic violence groups for many years. Then came my move to Pennsylvania where my first position was working exclusively with client's wresting with overcoming substance dependence - which enlightened me on how prevalent that battle is in our society. That helped prepare me for taking on a high volume of at risk clients at a large county agency seeking care for both mental health challenges and substance use bondage. While working there, I also had the privilege of expanding my clinical practice here with our group practice at Ivyland Counseling Center. I utilize an eclectic blend of theoretical practices in clinical practice such as: CBT, DBT, Love and Logic Parenting, Cognitive Rehabilitation therapy and person-centered counseling just to name a few.

Whether it has been with the VA, a large agency, or small town private practice, I continue to learn daily how to more adeptly and intentionally carry out my life's work as a licensed professional counselor.