Patricia Maley, LCSW


The old saying "you only hurt the ones you love" is true but can be changed. With the right information and skills your relationships can evolve and flourish. You will learn not only how to better communicate, understand, and validate your partner and / or family members but how and what your behavior communicates to them. We also explore healthy ways of coping during stressful times and how to resolve conflict in ways that won't damage your relationships.

If you are experiencing distance, that undercurrent of bickering, and that overall dissatisfaction in your relationship, if your family spends more time apart than design, then make an appointment and we'll talk.

I also recommend any couple thinking about marriage to come. The reality is "an ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure". It really is better to explore what it means to start your own family and how to negotiate and separate from your family of origin....before the wedding! 

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